terça-feira, dezembro 09, 2008

Have you met Stahn?

There isnt much to say about Stahn. He brakes easily. And he cries.

But then again, there isnt much to say about anything nowadays. He believes so, anyway. Still, he preaches about how the things used to be back on the old days and how he got the way he is now - a smooth-talking enchanting and anxious little man, up his 9 feet tall of pure prickness and uncordination. He couldnt jumpstart a poney if he needed to, and he surely cant hold his breath for too long.

He's a warm fellow, though. Cant say he isnt cool and charming when he needs to, thats probably part of his big scheme to rule the world and turn it into a big round green mint bubblegum. He says he doesnt need much, and thats why he doesnt do much for a living. A bottle of beer and some snacks, a good friend and some laughter, hell, the world surely seems brighter looking from that point of view. He just might be right about it. He clearly thinks he's right about everything else too. And he probably is! Who knows what is on his mind when he smirks like that - that small clinching of his wide smaller lip, pinching it to the side of the mouth barely showing the teeth, ironic as a bad american actor trying to do a shakespearian novel.

As in a mistery novel, he probably might end blowing our minds out with some genious-like insight. Or the opposite way around, as a filthy comedian actor, stroking our hearts with the worse joke ever spoken aloud. But he can be the best company for a stride on the street going out for a bite or for a punch-drunk sleepless night besides a guitar and a not so warm bed.

Well, thats fucking Stahn. He's the answer to a problem never faced, the greatest guy for a sweet embrace, he just might be god - or batman, or the smiley potato face. Hell... he's just another guy like you and me. More like me, though, cause I'd surely would love to be Stahn for a day. That guy knows how to live the life day by day without regreting. Yeah, he might miss the longing for the things to be and he might miss all that was left behind but on and on, as he walks through the day, I dont think he really can understand time, he just let it flows and all that he has ends in today.

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andréa disse...

Aee primeiraaaaa =)

Adorei...mas é muito mais vc mesmo! =P
Tinha até esquecido o nome no meio do texto de tão vc que é!

beijinhos....mimimi...pode atualizar que se eu não tiver um bilhão de provas e relatório para entregar eu vou sempre ver, tá?!