sábado, julho 18, 2009

Post número 100!

Esse é o centésimo post do OverFlux. Fiquei pensando em fazer algum post especial, mas desencanei. Prefiro deixar um quote de alguém bem mais esperto do que eu e uma música de uma das minhas bandas favoritas. ;D

Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer, Essays of Schopenhauer, chapter 6 - on the Emptiness of Existence.

"Reflections of the nature of those above may, indeed, establish the belief that to enjoy the present, and to make this the purpose of one’s life, is the greatest wisdom; since it is the present alone that is real, everything else being only the play of thought. But such a purpose might just as well be called the greatest folly, for that which in the next moment exists no more, and vanishes as completely as a dream, can never be worth a serious effort."

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